This post is about 1 year late! That’s what happens when you add a baby to the mix. About all the time I was spending on my photography hobby disappeared, but I don’t mind focusing all my attention on the little man in our lives.  

I know it’s a crappy iPhone picture in bad office light, but it means so much to me. I never thought I would get here. Never thought I would be so lucky to come back to this office with a baby in my hands. We’ve made so many trips to this office for three years and learned that we are stronger than we ever thought we could be.

Thanks Dr. Anderson and SoCal Fertility!

At the beginning of 2018, I was putting together the broken pieces of my heart and tying them with a thin thread of hope. I was scared and cautious to get too excited and attached to this pregnancy because the last two did not go past week 7. I didn’t allow myself to think about this child or make any plans until well into the second trimester when I started to see the first signs of a rainbow after a very dark and stormy period of my life.

It’s happening!

Our little miracle baby boy was 7 long years in the making. It took a lot of patience, heartache, pain, perseverance and hope, which made our first meeting so much sweeter. So thankful for advances in IVF and the opportunity it offers couples with fertility troubles, which are more common than you’d think. Behind these pictures are 7 years of heartache, 4 failed intrauterine insemination (IUIs), 1 IVF with 3 frozen embryo transfers (FET), 2 miscarriages, almost 500 intramuscular shots received by yours truly and administered by the hubs, and $40K. The end result, priceless! 

By the end of the second trimester we decided to work on the nursery (where he doesn’t really spend too much time at all). I wanted something gender neutral and nature themed. Here’s the result.

Gray, white and yellow nursery

Illustrations from an artist in Moldova

I made the mobile from wooden animals

I drew the bunnies while I was on bed rest

Finally, after being 5 days overdue, Stefan joined our family and changed our lives forever. My heart is so full of love for this little man. Having gone through this experience definitely gives me a different perspective on all the challenges that come with a newborn. Everything pales compared to not having this little soul in our lives. 

“Made with lots of love and a little science”

First hospital picture

Our little Christmas gift


Birth announcement

Stefan is already one year old! He’s such a happy baby and he brings so much joy to our lives. He’s very active, always running around looking for trouble. I will have a post summarizing his first year… at some point 🙂

Second Christmas

# # # # # # # #

December 28, 2019


Svetik my wholehearted congratulations!!! I am soooo happy for you. I am sure you are an amazing mother. Stefan looks so adorable. Big hugs for you and your bundle of joy!

Thanks so much!!! Definitely a lot busier now, but sooo happy. Hope all is well with you and your girls!

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