A hidden gem of a park with an abundance of yellow spring flowers was the perfect location for Liss & Ray’s bohemian maternity photoshoot. We were lucky to have an amazing light given that a day prior the sun never peeked from the clouds. Liss and her hubby came prepared with cute props. Loved the huge pink balloon and baby shoes. Thanks guys for letting me create some memories for ya:)

Maternity Liss_015

Maternity Liss_032_mix

Maternity Liss_038

Maternity Liss_086_bw

Maternity Liss_066

Maternity Liss_108

Maternity Liss_069

Maternity Liss_142_mix

Maternity Liss_095

Maternity Liss_147

Maternity Liss_114

Maternity Liss_192

Maternity Liss_152

Maternity Liss_168_mix

Maternity Liss_177

Maternity Liss_159

Maternity Liss_183

Maternity Liss_162
Maternity Liss_111

Maternity Liss_165

You can see the love between these two, I’m sure they will make great parents to their baby girl 🙂

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April 29, 2015

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