We’ve been quiet and stayed local for a while (more about that below ;)). Finally, I felt well enough and we’ve decided to get out of Orange County for a day to celebrate our anniversary. Big Bear Lake is a quick getaway for a change of scenery.

The paved trail starts in a forested area

We’ve attempted one of the easiest hikes around the lake – Alpine Pedal Path. It’s a nice paved path that would be perfect for biking.

After the hike, we kept driving around the lake and stopping whenever we saw something interesting. The water level in the lake is very low, which left a lot of properties that used to be lakefront without access to water.

Our hotel used to be very close to the lake, now the entire bay has dried up and looks more like a meadow, which served as a nice backdrop for our small photoshoot. Props to E for exercising his photography skills! I guess it’s no hiding the growing belly anymore. After much heartache and years of trying, we are beyond happy to be expecting our rainbow baby boy in December 🙂

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July 23, 2018


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