This was our 3rd trip to Kauai island, the last vacation for just the two of us before the little guy joins us :). Since we’ve explored the island in the past, the goal of this trip was to take it easy and relax, something like what this monk seal is doing.

This 3 yr old monk seal was resting on the beach every day

It rained during the first two days, which limited our outdoor activities. The hotel kittens kept us company, well, we watched them sleep on our balcony most of the day 🙂

Snuggle buddies
First sunrise after the rain finally stopped

Sunrise at Shipwreck’s Beach

Kauai changed so much, it’s no longer the rugged, wild and less developed island from 12 years ago. There are a lot more food and lodging options and a whole lot more cars on the road.

The hectic rush hour in the tree tunnel at Maluhia Rd and the tranquility of the waves washing over the beach
Went to the local farmer’s market for fresh fruit

Luckily, we stayed near Poipu Beach Park this time around, which turned out to be one of the few swimmable beaches after the storm.

Poipu Beach Park
Sunset at Poipu beach after a nice meal at Eating House 1849
Poipu Beach

We revisited some of our favorite places on the island. The advantage of having a 3 hour time difference is that we got to places before all the crowds. That’s exactly what we did when we went to Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon then and now
Waimea Canyon State Park
Pu’u O Kila Lookout – first time seeing it without clouds

Polihale beach is one of our favorite places in Kauai. It’s remote, deserted and huge. The road to Polihale Beach was closed because of the rain, but luckily they opened it a day before our departure.

Polihale State Park – one of our favorites on Kauai
Polihale State Park – not as empty as 12 years ago, but still not too crowded

Every night, we were trying to catch the sunset at the Shipwreck’s beach near our hotel, but one day we were on the road.

Cotton candy clouds at sunset
Shipwreck’s Beach
Shipwreck’s Beach
Sunset at Shipwreck’s Beach

One day we drove to the north coast trying to get to Ke’e Beach, another one of our favorite beaches on Kauai. Unfortunately the road was closed just past Hanalei because of the rain damage. Most of the beaches on the east coast were not safe for swimming because of the runoff after the storm. We stopped at Lydgate Beach and we were surprised to find a pile of driftwood in the water.

This is supposed to be a calm and clean lagoon at Lydgate Beach Park.

We discovered Glass Beach for the first time, but it’s nothing too special. The sand is made out of glass but it looks like regular sand from the distance. You have to look really close to realize it’s actually glass.

Glass Beach

After a successful babymoon we had to get back to reality 🙂

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September 3, 2018

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