The big Asia trip ended in Tokyo, where we had a nice time catching up with Keiko, Lucas and adorable and very well-behaved Koda. He is the most content baby. We went to three different restaurants, walked around, took the metro and the bus and he never complained.

Big shout out to Lucas for his game Papers Please, which was picked by Wired as their Best Videogame of 2013!

Thanks for your hospitality guys!

We also saw Liam and Gamma who are much more social and a bit leaner than I remembered. Gamma arranged herself behind me on the chair and I thought ‘oh, how sweet, Gamma likes me’ but the moment I stood up, she took over the entire chair and refused to move, oh cats!

Sneaky Gamma
Sneaky Gamma
We hit a sushi place first thing upon landing. 10 minutes later and we would’ve been too late for lunch.
Near Shibuya crossing.
Shibuya crossing. It was probably 10 or 11 pm but the streets were still packed with people. Tokyo really is a city that never sleeps. Don’t know about the city, but I know I was ready to hit the bed:)
View of mount Fuji against the setting sun.
Time to go home

November 30, 2013

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