Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, WI

As I was flipping through Instagram one evening (my usual ritual before going to sleep :)), I saw a picture of a kayaker in calm glassy water going through an arch in an orange-limestone cliff. Something like this.


The place was called Apostle Islands and it looked awesome. I wanted to see the place in person and it just happened to be on the way from Isle Royale NP to Voyagers NP. What are the chances?! We fit a 4 pm tour to the caves on our way in between parks. We were extremely lucky to have calm water on the lake. They had 2 ft waves the day before and were expecting 4 ft waves the day after. Yay for good weather!!! The water, the light, the whole experience was amazing!






I forgot to bring my waterproof camera so I risked taking my big baby with me (they gave me a dry bag). But the water was so calm that I felt comfortable taking it out. The guides took us though some really tight arches, where you have to bend forward and “become one with the kayak” in order to pass. We saw canyons and arches of all sizes. Highly recommend this to anyone.






To top amazing kayaking, the sunset was gorgeous.


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